Optimize your Routing with Border 6 & Cumulus Networks

Among the 500k+Internet routes, only a very small number make up your platform traffic. Unnecessary routes saturate the TCAM memory of your routers and if this isn’t managed smartly, leads to increased expense.

October 8th, 10:30 am (PDT)
45 minutes

With the Border 6 NSI Controller, Cumulus Linux switch-routers learn only the necessary BGP routes. Therefore they require less TCAM memory, and result in significant lowering of your costs.

This webinar will demonstrate to network owners how they can save significant amount of expenditure if they are able to more intelligently manage their routing engine.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How more advanced networks manage their routing
  • Use Cumulus Linux and Border 6 NSI Controller
  • Lower your costs by more than 60%

François Devienne

Co-Founder & CEO at Border 6
With 12 years of experience in the telco and IT industry, François has a solid track record in designing, deploying and maintaining innovative Internet and corporate network infrastructures. He started his career as a network engineer with Cisco Systems and moved into sales engineering positions with BT Global Services Belgium and data center vendors Radware and Brocade. Since, he's been leading the operations and technical teams of french UTM vendor NETASQ and telco BSO Network Solutions. François holds a Master in telecom engineering from Telecom Lille, a Master in management from the Brussels Business School and the Cisco CCIE (#9198) certification. At Packet Gear, François is in charge of consulting, corporate and sales activities.

David Sinn

Director, Solutions Engineering at Cumulus Networks
David is a networking professional with 25 years of diverse experience on both sides of the table. From supporting customers and developing solutions at Cisco, to designing and building world wide enterprise and cloud infrastructure at Microsoft, Amazon and others.

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