Webinar: Deploying True Hyper Convergence
with Open Networking

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Optimize Your Data Center: Hyper Convergence & Open Networking

Hyper convergence and Open Networking are on similar trends gaining popularity together, perhaps because customers are looking to address high upfront CapEx issue across compute, storage and network as they look to optimize their entire data center investment and increase the agility for their cloud based deployments.

Web-scale customers have been the early adopters of eliminating proprietary technologies and using next-gen architectures to transform data center networking economics to a scale-out, Clos-fabric based approach. If you’re an enterprise customer and want to reap the benefits of this new design model, check out what Nutanix and Cumulus Networks have to offer your organization and business.

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Date & Time

Wednesday, Febuary 25th, 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm GMT
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45 minutes of engaging conversation followed by live Q&A
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Hosted by

Damien Philip β€” Systems Engineer at Nutanix
Damien Philip is a Systems Engineer at Nutanix. Prior to his role at Nutanix, he was a Lead Cisco UCS Solutions Architect responsible for implementing the VMworld 2009 Data Center and for configuring the MDS SAN switching fabric for the show which became the highlight of VMworld 2009 as it was built in under 2 months from planning to finish.
Meena Sankaran β€” Solutions & Ecosystem Partnerships, Cumulus Networks
Meena Sankaran
Meena is a technology evangelist driving innovation with Infrastructure and IT. She has worked for Scottel, Bank of America, Cisco and Big Switch Networks. She has successfully led product strategy, system architectures and business development. She has her Masters in Electrical Engineering & Bachelors in Electronics Engineering. You can follow her on Twitter @meena_sankaran

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