Webinar: MLAG: Invisible Layer 2 Redundancy

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It's neither a standard nor a protocol, but everyone's doing it.

In this webinar we'll begin by describing the use cases where Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation, or MLAG, can be used to improve the reliability of your network. This will lead into a detailed discussion of how MLAG works as well as what pitfalls you'll need to avoid. Then, we'll explore the interactions with other system components such as LACP, Spanning Tree, and IGMP. Finally, we'll talk about how to configure and monitor MLAG in Cumulus Linux.

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Date & Time

Wednesday, May 20th, 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm GMT
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45 minutes of engaging conversation followed by live Q&A
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Hosted by

Scott Emery—Engineer at Cumulus Networks
Scott Emery has been working in the networking industry since the Reagan administration. First at 3Com, where, among other things, he worked with the IEEE to specify Fast Ethernet and developed the first Fast Ethernet NIC. Then, at Grand Junction Networks, he continued work on Fast Ethernet NICs and also wrote software for Ethernet switches. Scott served time at Cisco from when Grand Junction was acquired until 2013. While at Cisco Scott worked as an architect for software, hardware, and ASICs for the Catalyst 2K and 3K product lines. He now develops software for Cumulus Networks, including their implementation of MLAG.

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