Contain yourself! Best practices for container networking

Improve visibility, scalability and troubleshooting for containers and microservices in web-scale networking environments

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Join us Monday, October 2nd at 11 am Pacific

There's no denying it: containers are a huge trend in application infrastructure right now. 451 research expects the container market will grow from $762M in 2016 to $2.7B by 2020. 

Why the rapid growth? Containers give application development and operations a level of cost-efficiency and scalability that makes virtualization look cumbersome and heavy. Containers isolate the application to its own runtime environment (OS) along with everything needed to run it, so that it is "contained" and portable between systems and computing environments in the cloud and elsewhere. With containers, workloads have a lighter footprint and allow developers to scale applications and deploy resources faster than Virtual Machines.

In this webinar we'll explore the basic architecture of containers and the challenges that they pose to legacy data center infrastructures. We'll discuss container networking, first considering several methods that containerized applications use to communicate within the host. For those using Mesosphere DC/OS, the premier platform for building data-rich applications, we'll highlight how Cumulus enhances the connectivity from the host to the network and provides better scaling, troubleshooting and maintenance windows. Then we'll show why Cumulus Linux is uniquely suited as a foundation for Linux-based containers and tools.


JR Rivers

Co-founder and CTO
Cumulus Networks

Edward Hsu

VP Product Marketing