Life after configuration: Trouble-less troubleshooting

Thursday, August 3rd at 10 am Pacific

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The next episode of our Demystifying Networking series!

Network issues and outages can be irksome at best, and calamitous at worst. The network is the heart of the data center, so when there is a problem in the network, you need to be able to pinpoint the cause and remediate as soon as possible.


Join us Thursday, August 3rd for the second episode in our 3-part series about best practices to automate, manage and troubleshoot your modern data center network. In this installment, Cumulus Chief Scientist Dinesh Dutt will talk about the various technologies for network troubleshooting and why troubleshooting needs to be approached differently in our new world of converged, web-scale data centers.

Join us and learn:

  • The technological and financial repercussions of network outages

  • What has changed in the world of troubleshooting (and what remains the same)

  • A demonstration of new tools that can help decrease the time it takes to troubleshoot and fix network issues