Network Devops 202: Life After Configuration

On-demand webinar

Join us Thursday, July 13th for a live webinar

There has been a slow, but steady change in the embrace of automation in the networking world. Even for the for many who have embraced and deployed network automation, automation stops with the initial configuration of the device. The road beyond here remains murky at best, and completely uncharted at worst.

But a network operators life doesn't end with configuration. How do we handle changes after the initial configuration? What about rolling in new racks or new DCs ? Even in an existing data center, the life of the network operator in the presence of failures hasn't changed much. How can we begin to bring the DevOps revolution to validation, troubleshooting and life cycle management ? 

Attend this first webinar in a 3-part series where we will discuss fresh perspectives on the current problems and the capabilities (as well as limitations) of existing technologies. We'll cover the ground from traceroute and its many variations, the view from hosts, NetQ, sFlow and more.



Chief Scientist
Cumulus Networks