Automating Network Configuration — from Daft to Deft

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Network automation may seem passe now; seemingly everyone knows how to do it. You want to join the ranks, but where to begin? And what does the journey look like? In this 2 part webinar, we'll go from soup to nuts on automation of network configuration, from downloading Ansible to doing continuous integration and continuous development with network operations. Along the way, we'll demonstrate how Cumulus Linux simplifies much of automation thanks to simplifications and innovations in configuration from CLAG to OSPF and BGP. 

Even if you think you know BGP unnumbered, come see how we've simplified it even further. We'll walk through configuring L2 networks, L3 networks, and VxLAN overlays. 

In addition to the technology aspects, we'll examine some organizational best practices that have enabled our customers to roll out new data centers faster than ever before, and how they verify their changes before deployment.

This is the first episode in a 2 part webinar series. Episode 2 will be on April 27th. Join us for both and come on the journey from network automation beginner to automation aficionado!