NCLU: Command Line in the Age of DevOps

Learn how Network Command Line Utility is bridging the gap between traditional and open networking operations

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Automation. Everyone wants it, even if not everyone can readily switch to it. The reasons vary, but manual workflows are still quite common in today's networks. While Linux supports manual workflows, some traditional network operators find administering networks with the standard Linux network commands challenging. Even automation-savvy operators frequently try the steps manually before automating a task.

With NCLU, Cumulus Linux makes manual workflows first class citizens in the network operator toolchain. Designed to please both Linux admins and traditional network operators, the primary goal of NCLU is to ease and simplify the manual operation of networks. 

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Why command line still matters, and what the characteristics of a good CLI look like

  • How to simplify Linux network administration with NCLU

  • How traditional network operators can reap the benefits of Linux networking


Ivan Pepeljnak

Network architect and independent blogger

Ivan is a CCIE Emeritus and has been designing and implementing large-scale service provider and enterprise networks as well as teaching and writing books about advanced technologies since 1990. He's author of several Cisco Press books, prolific blogger and writer, and author of a series of successful webinars. His current focus includes large-scale data centers and cloud deployments, software-defined networking (SDN) and data centers (SDDC), and network function virtualization (NFV).

Daniel Walton

Principal Engineer at Cumulus Networks

Daniel Walton has been in the networking industry for 20+ years. He started off his career making waves by discovering a major big in BGP. Daniel is a well respected authority in BGP, a co-author of several IETF RFCs, most prominently of "BGP Add-Paths" RFC and an IETF, RIPE, and CiscoLive conference presenter. Daniel's scope is far greater than just BGP, from writing a python routing stack, optimizing QA and test, all the way to CLI design. Daniel is the principal architect of NCLU.