Data Center Networking Trends 2017

Guest Speakers: Martin Casado (a16z), Ivan Pepelnjak (IPspace), Tom Herbert (Facebook)

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In this final episode of 2016 series of "Demystifying Networking", we'll be spending some time looking for grace and amazement in the year about to end, and searching for some solid nuggets of predictions.

Cumulus Networks is privileged and grateful to have three of the brightest and thoughtful people joining Dinesh in this episode: Martin Casado, now at Andreesen Horowitz, Ivan Peplnjak, and Tom Herbert at Facebook, an eminent Linux kernel networking dude.

We'll discuss the highlights of 2016 with respect to data center networking specifically — and data centers in general — along with what we can expect in this space for the coming year. What problems have not yet been addressed, what key changes are coming in the Linux kernel w.r.t. networking, whether containers with continue their seemingly uncontained interest and increasingly show up in data centers.

Join us for this end-of-the-year episode!


Tom Herbert


Ivan Pepelnjak


Martin Casado

Andreesen Horowitz