Routing on the Host: Customer Use Cases

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Cross pollination. This is one of the interesting themes emerging with the advent of open networking. With Linux as the common Data Center OS across compute and networking, users have the ability to choose uniform solutions from both sides to solve common problems.

We can use server administration toolkits such as Ansible and Puppet to configure networking devices, not just compute. Similarly, in the last episode of this webinar series, we discussed how an old networking concept VRF is now available as a common construct in Linux for use on servers.

In this episode, we'll cover another such cross-pollination: Routing on the Host. It's been a common practice to allow hosts to participate only as an L2 node. With the advent of network virtualization, network overlays have started from the hosts, but the underlay remains an L2 construct.

What if we can enable hosts to function as first class citizens w.r.t. routing ? What new design patterns and models can emerge from such a solution? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about Routing on the Host and dive into real-life use cases. Attendees will learn:

  • What has prevented Routing on the Host from being deployed in the past

  • Real customer use cases for deploying such a solution

  • Best practices for choosing and configuring a routing protocol