Demystifying Networking Webinar Series
with Dinesh Dutt

Tea for the Tillerman

April 19th, 10:00 am (Pacific Time)

A 60 min Discussion, Demo and Q & A
with Kelsey Hightower

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Webinar Overview

Containers are ushering in a new era in building distributed applications, either of entirely the new kind, or a repackaging of the old. However, old habits die hard, and bad habits die even harder. People are still writing applications in the new model with assumptions about the network from a bygone era, assuming L2 networks or their modern equivalent, overlay networks.

Kelsey Hightower, the voice of Kubernetes, will join me in showing how modern applications can be built without knowing or caring about subnets and IP addresses and how infrastructure such as Kubernetes and of routing on the host can allow businesses to build applications that are cloud friendly, agile and simpler than the traditional ways of doing them.

Join Us to Learn:

  • How to build applications without knowing subnets & IP addresses
  • How to build modern cloud friendly applications in an agile fashion

Webinar Host

Dinesh Dutt

Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks
Dinesh G Dutt has been in the networking industry for the past 15 years, most of it at Cisco Systems. Most recently, he was a Fellow at Cisco Systems. He has been involved in enterprise and data center networking technologies, including the design of many of the ASICs that powered Cisco's mega-switches such as Cat6K and the Nexus family of switches. He also has experience in storage networking from his days at Andiamo Systems and in the design of FCoE. He is a co-author of TRILL and VxLAN and has filed for over 40 patents.

Guest Speaker

Kelsey Hightower

Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform
Experienced IT operations and software engineering leader with extensive experience successfully managing development, operations and professional services projects. Strong reputation for connecting businesses with IT, providing clear direction for software adoption and working cross-functionally among development, operations, product, UX, and sales to drive results.

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