Building scalable data center networks

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Best practices for scaling your networking operations most cost-effectively

Due to growing customer demands, the network infrastructure of modern data centers is transforming from a rigid and unwieldy model to a disaggregated, flexible and agile one.

Modern data centers require large, high-capacity networks that can scale, accomodate different traffic patterns, and are easy to automate at an affordable cost. Fixed form factor switches (FFF) and disaggregated network operating systems in a leaf/spine Clos architecture can build a scalable, robust, and agile network in the most cost effective way possible.

Download this paper and learn how to:

  • Design and build a flexible, scalable modern data center using the leaf/spine Clos architecture with FFF switches, like the original web-scale pioneers.

  • Build modern L3 fabrics and L2 overlay architectures.

  • Simplify and automate data center networks.