Demystifying Networking

Dinesh Dutt — Chief Scientist, Cumulus Networks

Linux Networking is Awesome!

A 45 Minute Presentation and Q/A Session with Dinesh Dutt and Shrijeet Mukherjee

On-Demand Webinar

In this episode of the Demystifying Networking webinar series, we will discuss the benefits of using the Linux networking stack. The presentation will include details of major new features that have made their way into the Linux kernel recently such as VRF and MPLS support. I will be joined by Shrijeet Mukherjee, VP of Engineering at Cumulus Networks and a co-author of the recent work on VRF in the Linux kernel. Shrijeet will also cover the latest networking highlights from the Linux kernel networking conference, Netdev 1.1 conference that was held in Seville, Spain from Feb 10-12.

Join us to learn:

  • Why you should care about using the Linux network stack instead of just a user-space drive
  • The new advances in the Linux kernel including VRF and MPLS
  • Key takeaways from this year's Linux networking kernel summit

Dinesh Dutt

Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks
Dinesh G Dutt has been in the networking industry for the past 15 years, most of it at Cisco Systems. Most recently, he was a Fellow at Cisco Systems. He has been involved in enterprise and data center networking technologies, including the design of many of the ASICs that powered Cisco's mega-switches such as Cat6K and the Nexus family of switches. He also has experience in storage networking from his days at Andiamo Systems and in the design of FCoE. He is a co-author of TRILL and VxLAN and has filed for over 40 patents.

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Shrijeet Mukherjee

VP of Software Engineering at Cumulus Networks
Shrijeet is the VP of Software Engineering at Cumulus Networks. Most recently he was Director of Engineering with the team that delivered the highly successful VIC adaptor line in Cisco's UCS servers. His career has spanned a wide variety of technologies including Team Lead of high performance graphics at SGI, architect of high performance Network Interface Cards at Precision IO and adding virtualization and storage in Cisco with the UCS product line. He has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Oregon and has 11 Patents to his name. 

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