Webinar: Manage Your Switches Like Servers

Network operators are increasingly adopting DevOps methodology to keep up with modern application demands and that of their developers and users.

On Demand Webinar
45 minutes

With Cumulus Linux and Puppet Enterprise, you can now automate and monitor your switches like servers, helping network operators realize the promise of an agile network with advantages like increased deployment speeds, reduced human error, full visibility into infrastructure changes and the ability for networking teams to contribute to the Puppet code that manages infrastructure configuration.

In this webinar, Leslie Carr of Cumulus Networks and Carl Caum of Puppet Labs will describe an exciting new paradigm where the network switch is managed like a server.

Come and learn:

  • How to deploy a switch from scratch using Puppet and zero touch provisioning
  • How to use the switch as an installation server and Puppet master
  • The flexibility of using Linux as a network operating system

Leslie Carr

Customer Engineer at Cumulus Networks
Leslie Carr is currently a devops engineer at Cumulus Networks. She was previously on the production side of the world at many large websites, such as Google, Craigslist, Twitter, and Wikimedia. She is a lover and user of open source and automation, and she dreams of robots taking over all of our jobs one day.

Carl Caum

Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Carl joined Puppet Labs in June of 2011 as a professional services engineer after being a long time Puppet community member. He is now on the Product team focused on product marketing.

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