Cumulus VX:

A virtual environment for learning, testing, and exploring open networking

Open networking is a revolution underpinning the decoupling of network software from hardware. Learning a new networking approach, modeling changes to production network, or validating automation solutions has in the past required physical equipment.

Cumulus VX now allows you to learn, model, simulate and test network topologies using open networking technology at zero cost and risk-free in your environment!

Join us to learn:

  • How to speed up your introduction to Cumulus Networks open networking technology
  • Test network architectures at scale
  • Leverage automation & development tools portable to your physical environments

David Sinn

Director, Solutions Engineering
David is a networking professional with 25 years of diverse experience on both sides of the table. From supporting customers and developing solutions at Cisco, to designing and building world wide enterprise and cloud infrastructure at Microsoft, Amazon and others.

Mohit Mehta

Product Manager
Mohit is a startup geek. Amazingly, he's managed to never work at a big company in a decade since graduating from college and Cumulus Networks is his 3rd and most exciting startup till date! He holds an MS in Computer Science from University of Delaware & an MBA from University of Oxford. Currently, he handles Cumulus Networks OS' Product Management with the belief that Open Networking is inevitable
Supported by the Open Networking Community