Webinar: Network Interface Manager ifupdown2

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New Network Interface Manager for Debian: ifupdown2

This talk introduces ifupdown2, a new network interface manager for Debian. ifupdown2 is a rewrite of Debian’s ifupdown with new features and is backwards compatible with it.

Existing tools for network interface configuration have several shortcomings when applied to network switches, including the inability to:

  • Handle interface dependencies
  • Incrementally update interface configurations without disruption
  • Validate interface configurations
  • Configure at scale
The lack of such functionality increases your operational burden.

ifupdown2 meets some of these challenges when configuring interfaces on a network switch, through an implementation based on dependency graphs, querying the running state before applying the interface configuration, extending ifquery to support validation of interface configuration, providing templates for large scale cookie-cutter interface configurations, supporting JSON, and more.

Please join us as we dive into ifupdown2 and discuss:

  • Linux network interface management
  • Nature of network interface management on switches
  • Design ideas
  • Other cool things you can do with ifupdown and in your network
  • Q&A session

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Date & Time

Wednesday, March 11th, 10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST / 6:30pm GMT
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45 minutes of engaging conversation followed by live Q&A
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Hosted by

Roopa Prabhu — Member of Technical Staff at Cumulus Networks
Roopa Prabhu
Roopa Prabhu is Member of Technical Staff at Cumulus Networks. At Cumulus she works on networking in the Linux kernel and user-space, network interface management and other system infrastructure things. Her previous experience includes Linux Clusters, Ethernet drivers and Linux KVM virtualization. She has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California. You can follow her on twitter @__roopa

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